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Non-woven Bag (Eco Bag)
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Standard Size Non Woven Bag

Green Storage have some Standard Size for your reference to custom made non-woven bag (eco bag), please make sure the sizes is suitable to your product.
A2 Size Eco Bag A3 Size Eco Bag A4 Size Eco Bag A5 Size Eco Bag
A5 Size
non-woven bag
20cm + 7.5cm x 18.5cm
Width + Depth x Height
A4 Size
non-woven bag
25cm + 7.5cm x 33cm /
28cm + 8cm x 33cm
Width + Depth x Height
A3s Size
non-woven bag
35cm + 10cm x 35cm
Width + Depth x Height
A3 Size
non-woven bag
42cm + 10cm x 32cm
Width + Depth x Height
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